Under the Dome: Day 61 of the Legislative Session

The legislative session heated up this week with the deadline for bills not necessary to implement the budget to pass out of their chamber of origin. That has meant some very long nights of floor action for members in both chambers. Check out COP’s bill tracker for a complete list of currently-active bills we continue to monitor.

Next week the House Higher Ed Committee is scheduled to hear a number of Senate-passed bills related to campus sexual violence, student loans, Advanced Placement, tuition waivers, workforce programs, and more. The Senate Higher Ed Committee is scheduled to hear House-passed companion bills on some of these same issues as well as legislation concerning textbook costs, student and activity fees, and branch campuses.

The Senate Higher Ed Committee has also scheduled work sessions on the topic of student financial aid and STEM/high demand degrees that will include presenters from COP as well as the public baccalaureates. You can watch both live online at tvw.org.

March 29 is the deadline for bills to pass out of their respective policy committees in order to continue to receive further consideration. April 23 is the last day of the regular session.

Interested in additional updates on the legislative session? Check out government relations pages from each of the public baccalaureates:

Finally, COP would also like to note the passing of longtime legislative leader Representative Helen Sommers. First elected in 1972, Rep. Sommers was the second-longest serving state legislator Washington’s history. She will be long remembered as an enthusiastic and effective champion for higher education access and opportunity in Olympia. Check out Rep. Sommers’ oral history book for additional details on her tenure.


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